I’ve always had depressing thoughts now and then. Some are invisible and some are severe.

I searched online about it and the thing caught my attention repeatedly was

I feel like people around the subject of depression just don’t know how to properly react to it.

and I think that’s…

This post is not yet refined, so the sentences&structures might look sketchy

I’ve decided to pick up tarot recently. The interest might have originated from a friend of my mother who is a fortune teller. I despised her whenever we met because I used to be a huge realist. Now…

My opinions about it and some random discussion

This post is not yet refined so the sentences&structures might look sketchy.

I just finished the three anime episodes and, without hesitation, I rushed immediately to the manga. It’s impossible to let me wait on such a good story.I believe this will…

Hi, you whoever stumble upon my personal space here,

As an Intruder, you shouldn’t expect me to comply or be hospitable towards your purposes and opinions; neither should you secretly observe and unforgivingly hold inference of me as a being. “A land that’s destined to undergo dramatic renovations, owned by…

Arthur Yeh

Born 2000-Nov-12. Taiwanese. Has a lot to say

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