Bought the tarot deck, made weird dish, and tomorrow will be my part-time interview.

This post has not yet been refined, so the sentence and structure might appear sketchy.

The dish is made of taiwanese scallion pancakes, fried eggs, pasta, onions, s liced beef and celery. Flavoured with soy sauce, japanese mirin, and Korean Gochujang. Lastly some japanese katsuobushi on top.

I basically threw in everything I like and made it into pasta(?). My experiment turned out well and I finished all of them with satisfaction. :P

The tarot i bought came with a tarot dictionary. I was kinda tricked; on the cover it said rider-waite(the one I was looking for was more authentic with its symbols and drawings). Turns out this deck only took reference of the rider-waite deck but drawn by a completely different person. It was acceptable.

For today I went over the major 21 cards in the deck and I have to say some of them are damn similar. I tried drawing one for each of my league of legends game(normal blindpick). Not sure if I did it right but they were kinda accurate. I drew: first the tower, second death, third the high priestess. All three game I lost as a midlaner. The first two I can somehow relate but the last I was uncertain.

Tomorrow is my interview for part-time English teacher(students’ age around 4~12). They requested a class demo and I gotta say it’s feels suddenly hard to teach something so basic. Maybe it’s because I have no experience teaching kids.